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Three's a Crowd

Who Is Three's a Crowd?

Three’s a Crowd started in 2010 as a two-piece band. That’s why we named it “Three’s a Crowd.” At that time, the band was just me, Scott Vander Ark, on guitars, and Jeff Howard on drums. We played rock and roll music from the 70’s to the present; a good party band playing classic rock tunes. Now and then my daughter Sidney would join the band to sing a few songs.

Adding a female vocalist full-time and adding a bass player would help the band expand its horizons beyond small neighborhood clubs, so it seemed like a natural progression to do just that. I asked my younger brother Brad Vander Ark, a founding member of the Verve Pipe to join us on bass, and asked Sidney to be our lead vocalist. Not only would this round out the band's sound, but now with four vocalists we could really get into some great harmonies.

At 22 years old, Sidney Vander Ark enjoys singing new rock, dance rock, club rock and her Dad’s favorite classic rock. From high energy party music to sweet love songs, Sidney handles the lead vocals with ease. With Brad on bass, Three’s a Crowd became a fun party band. Although he’s a prolific song writer, it took no time at all to convince Brad to jump back out there and play cover songs with us.

After only 9 months as a group, TAC has made a name for itself as a solid four-piece that loves to play rock music that you can dance to. We’ve played wedding receptions, graduation parties, birthday parties, and charity events, as well as many clubs in and around Grand Rapids, Michigan, and throughout the West Michigan area.

So we’re not just a bar band, but rather a band that can play current hits and classic favorites for many different types of events. We’ve travelled to Grand Haven, Spring Lake, Holland, Muskegon, Kentwood, Cascade, Caledonia, Wyoming, Grandville, Northern Michigan, Southern Michigan, East and West Michigan and all points in between to play great rock music. E-mail us at:

Dates in 2012 are going fast. If you need a unique pop/rock band that plays new music as well as classic hits, Three’s a Crowd is your ticket to a great time!

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